Hi everyone, my name is Marilene Quintana ,I’m a regulated Canadian immigration consultant and in this video i’m going to talk about the five benefits to become a permanent resident of Canada so first let’s talk about what is Permanent Residency in Canada so becoming a permanent resident of canada it is a status that allows you to live and work anywhere in canada when you become a partner president of canada you are recognized as an immigrant that has the same rights as a canadian citizen the only two rights that it won’t have it is the the right to vote and the right to obtain a passport but you also become eligible to apply for citizenship once you have lived in canada as a permanent resident for at least three years a good way to to understand the benefits is to compare with the green card in america so a lot of people knows about the green card in canada we call it pr card permanent resident card or permanent resident status so the first benefit that we’re going to talk today is about the right that you have to go live and work anywhere in canada so even if you apply indicating one specific province as your desired destination you have the freedom the mobility freedom to move and work and live anywhere of course there are some problems that you have demonstrated the intention to live in that province so you have at least to comply with that requirement meaning trying to make a living on that province that you showed the intention but still you have the mobility right and if you don’t adapt for any reason you have the freedom to move and live anywhere you like another great benefit to become a permanent resident of canada is to have access to the universal health care and canadian social services most cases without a cost as you may know in several countries it is very expensive to have access to healthcare services you have to pay for your own pocket and some countries even though they offer the services for free the quality of the services are not as good as should be forcing the citizens to apply for uh medical services from their own pocket in canada the universal healthcare it is for everyone it has quality it has access it has technology and is one of the great benefits of becoming a permanent resident of canada the third benefit that i want to discuss with you guys today is once you are permanent president of canada you also have the ability to sponsor your spouse your children your parents your grandparents and you can also provide extra points for your siblings and family members so it’s a great opportunity for you to not be in canada by yourself but also help your family members to join you and take advantage of the benefit of living and working in canada the fourth benefit that i want to discuss with you guys today is actually a sum up of a lot of great things that we have in canada here in canada we have security we don’t have high rates of criminality for example and you feel very safe walking and going anywhere here in canada you also have a very accepting and inclusive society so it doesn’t matter your religion your sexual orientation your political opinions you’ll be respected for who you are in canada and people will accept you accept your culture you accept your accent and you accept your differences without discriminating you and that’s very important the sense of belonging when you are in a new country in this quick summary i also want to highlight that canada is one of the strongest economy in the world and this for example allowed the government to support the citizens and residents in canada during the covid-19 very well for example the government of canada is offering two thousand dollars for everybody who lost their jobs they are offering to companies 75 percent of subsidy for their wage so they don’t have to fire people even though they had a loss in business and this is one of the things that make me so proud of being canadian because i know that in the hard times and the hard moments i could count on my government on the superiors there to take care of us and it’s important to say that comparing to other neighboring nationalities our dollar is cheaper for you to make your canadian dream come true the fifth benefit that i brought to you guys is that once you become a permanent resident of canada all the hard work that you put together pays off because this cannot be easily taken from you in order for you to lose your permanent residency you must be outside canada for over three years within the five years of the period that you are granted or you have to commit like a very serious crime in order not to be eligible to renew your permanent resident status in canada so most cases it is totally fine for you to to have a normal life in canada and feel yourself at home and once you put the hard work you just have either to renew which is a very simple application or you can always qualify and apply for citizenship so it’s definitely a great thing for you to to pursue because once you achieve you can make canada your home forever so that’s all guys that i brought for you today i hope you guys liked this video if you guys did please give us a thumbs up subscribe to our channel and please do not forget to click on the little bell right below so you can receive our weekly videos notifications thanks for watching have a good day

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