how to apply for a canada work visa hello and welcome to yet another episode of canada immigration updates from your favorite youtube channel everything canada in today’s video i will explain the various ways you can apply for a canadian work permit and the immigration programs that will allow you to obtain a work visa to canada you will also learn the eligibility requirements for obtaining a work permit in canada and how you can submit your work permit application so if you are planning to move to canada to work and will like to know more about work permits and how you can obtain one stick till the end of this video because i have a lot of information to share with you if you are new to my channel welcome if you are just returning welcome back if you have not subscribed to my channel now will be a great time to do just that kindly click on the like and subscribe buttons below to subscribe to my channel while you are at it do not forget to enable the notification by clicking on the bell icon to get notified whenever i publish a new video canada’s immigration goal is to welcome over a million immigrants to canada by twenty twenty three so if you are planning to move to canada to work now will be a good time to move to canada you are required to have a work permit before you can be allowed to work in canada except in special cases where you are allowed to work in canada without a work permit under certain circumstances if you would like to know how you can work in canada without a work permit check out a video i earlier published on this channel titled is it possible work in canada without work permit i will leave a link to this video in the description below there are two types of work permit namely one open work permit this type of work permit allows you to work for any employer in canada and you are exempt from needing a labor market impact assessment lmia 2. employer specific work permit this type of work permit allows you to work under certain conditions such as working for a specific employer in a specific province what are some of the programs that allow one to obtain an open work permit there are few programs that make it easy and possible for a foreign national coming into canada to obtain an open work permit some of these programs include post graduation work permit pgwp this program allows international students who have graduated from a designated learning institution dli to obtain an open work visa this type of work visa can be valid for up to three years or depending on the length of the graduates program atlantic immigration pilot program spousal permit this program allows the spouse of an applicant of the atlantic immigration pilot program to obtain an open work permit what are some of the programs that allow one to obtain an employer-specific work permit the global talent stream is an immigration program designed by government to help canadian employers hire highly skilled global talent and broaden the workforce in canada this program is favored as processing can be as short as two weeks agricultural stream is yet another immigration program designed to allow immigrants work as temporary workers for a period of 24 months this type of work permit your employer will have to provide you with affordable accommodation transportation health insurance and also pay for your trip to canada and back home to your home country when your permit expires canada work permit eligibility criteria while the requirements for the different types of work permit may differ here are some of the general requirements to obtain a work permit in canada you must prove to an immigration officer that you will leave canada when your work permit expires 2. you must prove that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family during your stay in canada and return home at the expiration of your permit three you must obey the law and you must not have a criminal record ircc may require a police clearance certificate four you must not be a danger to canada’s security five you must be in good health a medical exam may be required for this six the employer you intend working for must not be among the one that have been classified as ineligible on the list of employers who failed to comply with the conditions 7. not plan to work for an employer who on a regular basis offers striptus erotic dance escort services or erotic massages and 8. provide any other documents you are asked to provide to prove you can enter the country how to submit work permit application you can submit your work permit application with the immigration refugees and citizenship canada ircc online through their website i will provide the link in the description below note how many forms you may be required to fill is dependent on your country of origin how much does a canadian work visa cost the cost of canadian work permit depends on a few factors such as type of permit being applied for and whether it includes an extension or not here is the cost of a canadian work visa study permit including extensions 150 work permit including extensions 155 work permit including extensions per group three or more performing artists 465 dollars and open work permit holder 100 working in canada even as a temporary foreign worker can qualify you for certain immigration programs such as the canadian experience class cec this program allows foreign nationals with canadian work experience to become permanent residents in canada and to be eligible for this program you must have worked in canada for at least one year i hope i have been able to explain how you can obtain a work permit to work in canada and also the types of work permit you could apply for note for you to be able to apply for an employer-specific work permit you may need to have a job offer first from a canadian employer in case you do not know how to obtain a job offer in canada while you are still in your country please do well to see a video i published on this channel earlier titled how to find a job in canada while you are in your country i will leave a link to this video in the description below i hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think in the comment section below thanks for watching and have a great day you Application link for Canada work permit –

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