having a car exposes you to plenty of financial problems car insurance can help you avoid financial difficulties by covering damage to your vehicle and other situations in which you would be needed to pay medical expenses and other liabilities [Music] as a result selecting the correct auto insurance company is critical and should be based on much more than just pricing here are the best car insurance companies in canada for this year welcome to business snap.net my name is michael let’s start with number 10 number 10 sonnet sonnet received a four-star rating overall with five stars awarded for discounts and optional coverages four stars awarded for customer service three stars awarded for financial strength and two stars awarded for prices it was described as a perfect fit for customers who prefer to conduct transactions from the comfort of home thanks to its online tools sonnet is not included in the jd power study but it has an a plus rating on better business bureau and an aerating from am best sonnet is a fully online insurance company that offers a quick quoting tool plain language policies and a website with helpful guides and studies liability accident benefits comprehensive and collision coverage are all required meanwhile its optional auto insurance coverage includes accident forgiveness ticket forgiveness a rental extension package and a room service bundle [Music] number nine rsa group rsa group has a four-star overall car insurance rating it also scored four stars for customer service financial strength discounts and optional coverages and three stars for pricing it was praised for its added features which included reward miles for frequent premium payments it is not included in the jd power research but it has an eight plus rating from the better business bureau and an air rating from am best rsa like economical only gives estimates through insurance brokers policy holders can redeem their air miles reward points for rental car services vacation vouchers lodging concert tickets and other leisure products through rsa’s air miles reward program rsa is praised for its claims protection plan and lifetime repair warranty in addition to its reward miles the claims protection plan ensures that the policyholders premium will not rise following their first at fault accident number eight economical insurance economical insurance obtained a four-star rating overall with five stars awarded for discounts and optional coverages four stars awarded for customer service and three stars awarded for financial strength and costs economical insurance solutions are only available through insurance brokers in the majority of regions according to the jd power study it has four out of five stars in ontario for customer satisfaction cars vans trucks suvs snowmobiles and atvs motorbikes and mopeds and campers and rvs are all covered by economical insurance legal fees if sued damage to other vehicles lost pay if injured and unable to work medical expenditures accident repairs shattered windshields theft and vandalism and rental charges are all covered [Music] number seven td insurance td insurance was identified by car insurance as the cheapest auto insurance choice among the top 10 auto insurance providers in the country with a full coverage policy in montreal only fifty six dollars it received four stars overall with five stars for rates four stars for financial strength discounts and optional coverages and three stars for customer service in jd power’s research it received four stars in the atlantic region for customer service td insurance is one of the country’s largest direct response auto and home insurance providers aside from cost it has a functional and well-designed website where potential customers can instantly obtain an online quote discounts optional coverages and consistent financial operations number six aviva aviva earned a four-star rating overall with five stars for rates four stars for financial soundness discounts and optional coverages and 2 stars for customer service the viva canada is a subsidiary of the viva plc a uk-based insurance firm aside from regular and optional coverages it offers savings for bundling auto and house insurance plans being a retiree insuring more than one vehicle having no convictions and keeping claims free [Music] viva canada is ideal for lyft drivers because it has collaborated with lyft canada to provide ride-sharing insurance to drivers and passengers in ontario who use lyft ride sharing services on the disadvantage it scored only two stars in jd power’s customer satisfaction survey in alberta atlantic quebec and ontario number five belair direct bel air direct placed in the top five with a four star total rating car insurance rated belair direct is the best option for uber drivers and car owners with little mileage giving it five stars for financial strength and four stars for customer service rates discounts and optional coverages in jd power’s research it received four stars in ontario and three stars in quebec for its customer service department belair direct is an intact insurance company that has been providing vehicle and home insurance solutions for over 65 years its automatic program rewards policyholders for safe driving and low mileage offering up to a fifteen percent discount for driving less than ten thousand kilometers per year and a 10 discount for registering in the program its basic auto insurance policy includes liability coverage bodily injury and property damage accident benefits direct compensation property damage and uninsured driver coverage accident forgiveness auto comfort collision insurance coverage comprehensive insurance coverage and belair direct roadside assistance are among the available features number four desjardins car insurance desjardins group received a four-star rating overall it scored five stars for financial strength five stars for rates discounts and optional coverages and three stars for customer service desjardins is recommended by car insurance for new car owners since it offers a wide range of savings and optional coverages in the jd power evaluation it scored three stars in the quebec region for customer service comprehensive third-party liability collision and upset accident benefits uninsured automobile coverage family protection and direct compensation property damage are all included in desjardins standard auto insurance policy meanwhile its optional car insurance coverage includes five-year new vehicle protection a trouble-free option a zero dollar deductible option responsibility for damage to non-owned autos transportation replacement and accident-free protection number three intact insurance intact financial corporation came in third place with a four-star rating it also received five stars for financial strength four stars for prices and discounts and three stars for customer service however it scored four stars in the atlantic area three stars in quebec and ontario and two stars in alberta based on average customer service evaluations with over 13 000 people serving over 5 million clients in canada and the united states intact is one of the major providers of pnc insurance in canada and specialty insurance in north america its vehicle insurance line includes coverage for automobiles motorbikes rvs atvs snowmobiles and boats [Music] intact insurance also offers a my drive system that offers policyholders for driving safely and provides personalized driving recommendations in addition to the usual policies it provides coverage for uber drivers and turo car sharing services number two the personal insurance it is a huge hit with clients in quebec and ontario where it received five and four stars respectively in the jd power survey despite great consumer reviews it did not take the top rank owing to its limited availability as it only covers its related companies personal insurances canada group auto insurance provides both standard and optional coverage the regular policy protects you against third-party responsibility crashes accident benefits and uninsured motorists it also provides comprehensive coverage for loss or damage to the policyholder’s vehicle which happens in situations other than crashes its optional coverage items include five-year new car protection coverage responsibility for non-owned vehicle damage coverage transportation replacement coverage a worry-free option a zero dollar deductible option and accident-free protection coverage number one the co-operators canada the co-operators group limited is rated the clear winner among auto insurance companies in the country by car insurance because it performs excellently in the most critical sectors it scored five stars overall five stars for customer service discounts and optional coverages four stars for rates and three stars for financial strength customers in alberta atlantic and ontario are the most satisfied with the insurer receiving five stars in jd powers 2019 canada auto insurance satisfaction study the co-operators is a multi-line insurance and financial services cooperative with a total asset base of 47.4 billion dollars it employs approximately 6000 people and has a financial advisor network of 2530 registered insurance representatives it also serves 241 credit unions with over 5.8 million members its financial solutions are primarily focused on pnc insurance life insurance institutional asset management and brokerage its property and casualty insurance policies cover over 1.4 million vehicles and over 875 000 houses that’s all for today if you have any information or any suggestions feel free to comment below thanks for watching please subscribe and press the bell icon to get a notification business snap finance and investing updates

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